Hello Microsoft Flow

I’ve been reading about Microsoft Flow with interest, because I think that it may eventually solve a business problem for my company.  I don’t see the connectors I need yet, but I keep checking back and wishing I had more opportunity to try it out.

I just set up a new twitter account: @PASS_ProfDev for the Professional Development virtual chapter of PASS and thought I would try a simple Flow.  I wanted tweets from my personal twitter account to also post to the new account if they contain a certain hashtag.  The chapter has an o365 account with access to Flow, so I logged in and got started.

From Flow -> My Flows -> Create from Blank: it helpfully suggested the popular “When a new tweet is posted” trigger, which I selected.  Then I provided the login for my new twitter account. Next up was filling in the search criteria for the tweets I want to post from the new account.  I used Advanced Twitter Search to get the search text.  Then I told Flow what Action to do when it got a match, which was to “Post a tweet”, with the “Tweet text” set to “Tweet text”.


I chose to just tweet the same thing, but I could have added other text in there, for example mentioning the poster’s name, which I may have done if I were reposting all posts with the tag, instead of just my own.  Or I could have added in more conditions, such as checking that the poster has a minimum number of followers.  There are LOTS of triggers, conditions and actions that I could have used, but really this was meant to be the “hello world” of Flow.  There’s more information about the Twitter connection here.

Next I want to try something with Teams and Planner.  And I continue waiting for connectors to Word.

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